Price Estimates

All prices are estimates. Prices vary based on the price of fabric and complexity of the item. Please contact me for an exact quote. Orders take up to 6 weeks from payment to complete. Larger orders may take longer.  

Any items not on this list, please contact me before purchasing your Custom Listing for a price estimate.
  • Hoodie: $52+
  • Shirts: $42+
  • Sized Pants(Leggings, Joggers, Bells): $40+
  • Romper: $60+
  • Dress: $75+
  • Shorts/Bummies: $37+
  • Bonnets: $40+
  • Cardigan: $54+
  • Onesies/Hoodsies: $52+
Add-ons vary depending on the cost and the amount of time they take. They can include but are not limited to:
      • Hoods
      • Ears/Animal Features
      • Pockets
      • Applique
      • Organic Fabric
      • Grow-With-Me designs
      • Snaps
      • Pom-poms or embellishments
      • Pixie and Fairytale Hoods
      • Specialty Fabric



    US Shipping Rates:

    $5 for anything under a pound

    Flat Rate Shipping for anything over