Our Process

Here at Run About Clothing every part of our process is done with the intention of supporting small businesses and creating quality clothing for you.
All my fabric is sourced from small business owners like myself. I use only fabrics made from the highest quality fibers. I always aim to make sure that the fabric I use is color-fast and of a quality that will last through the most vigorous children's adventures!
The patterns that I use are also designed and tested by people like you and me and are carefully chosen to create a beautiful collection of items for you to choose from. Since I use a variety of pattern designers, sizes will vary slightly between clothing. If you are ever concerned about choosing a correct size, feel free to note your child's chest circumference and height in an order and I will choose the appropriate size from there.
All clothing is serged on a 4 thread overlocker machine with high quality stretch thread to help avoid popped stitches in your seams. Please be careful though when dressing and undressing your child to not stress the seams as this will shorten the life of your garment.
Most clothing is recommended to be washed inside out on cold and tumble dry on low. Or better yet, save energy and hang your clothing outside to dry! Do not iron HTV designs or delicate fabrics. Most other things are okay with a low iron but as my mom would say, "why would you iron your kid's clothes?? They're just going to wrinkle them anyway!"
Please always remember that your items are lovingly handmade and will have slight differences and variances between each other.
Thank you for your commitment to shopping small and helping many small business owners with every single purchase!